All KinetiCore sessions incorporate apparatus training on the Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chair, and Barrels. We mix it up with matwork and props too, so you can maximize your results away from the studio. Each session is customized to help you achieve your individual goals.

Group Classes
We offer a variety of fitness classes and specialty workshops for up to 5 clients.  Form your own group or join an existing one for an energetic, semi-private workout.

For students new to the pilates method, we recommend a minimum of 5 private sessions prior to joining a group class.  This enables you to become familiar with the basic principles, equipment adjustments, and recommendations specific to your body.

Group class participation is not recommended for those with acute injuries, and instructor pre-approval is required.

Private Pilates
Move at your own pace while focusing on your individual needs and goals.  Appointments may be booked with a pilates instructor or a physical therapist.

Physical Therapy
After a full physical examination and evaluation, one-on-one pilates conditioning is combined with therapeutic techniques such as manual therapy, home program instruction, and body mechanics training.