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“Life Changing! After years of taking care of everyone else and in my 50’s I decided to take a step to improve my overall physical health. I got more than expected and my mind and body are in a much better place! I have lost weight, over 5 inches from my waist, posture is better than it has ever been and restored my flexibility from years ago. I look better, feel better and actually quite proud of my progress. I can’t say enough about Kineticore instructors and their dedication to their clients.” Kathy S.

“Despite not being in the best shape of my life, Carol has done wonders with my flexibility and strength and it still amazes me how much of a workout a Pilates session can be. Despite suffering from carpal tunnel issues and having surgery and a cast on my wrist, I didn’t have to eliminate my Pilates workouts because Carol tailored them to what I was able to do. [The instructors] seem to have an infinite variety of exercises and their instruction is specific, helping you make the most of every move you make. I am never bored and I look forward to my 1-on-1 sessions” Christie S.

“You won’t find a better Pilates instructor or a more pristine Pilates studio in all of Orange County. Kineticore offers the highest quality Pilates experience for every level. Carol is not only a certified Pilates trainer offering a variety of group classes and individual sessions for all levels of fitness, but she is also a Physical Therapist who intelligently designs workouts to meet your specific goals and needs. I have been a Kineticore client for almost 2 years and I am absolutely addicted. I am also a runner and my Pilates training helps me maximize my running potential and recover from any running related pains. Carol’s style is the perfect balance of challenging and soothing. I look forward to every class and I’m always refreshed afterward. I also love the way my body looks and enjoy the strength that I have developed through weekly workouts. I have tried other studios and instructors and Carol is truly the best. You won’t be disappointed.” Gina T.